The industry of building better breasts: Separating mythical fears from reality

In the never ending pursuit of better breasts slews of myths, half-truths, and flat out crazy schemes have surfaced year in and year out that all too many women fall victim for. Sometimes the information looks legitimate and seems very logical, but in reality it is total bunk. Other times it seems so crazy it just might work and does an effective job on preying on the insecurities of women that do feel more is better, but are not sold on getting implants. Then of course there are the breast myths, those little tidbits that slip into the news, vetted or not, that put women into a state of panic over their breast health, or telling them what is natural and normal is not. Sorting it all out can be quite a challenge, but after this crash course you may just be able to have a firmer grip on what is and is not true, as well as what does and does not work in pursuit of the better bust.

For more years than any living person can recall it was espoused that doing certain physical exercises could increase breast size, most commonly things like push-ups. This is false so far as making a bigger bust, but it is true so far as making them look bigger. The fact is the breast contain muscle and the only two things that will increase breast size long term are pregnancy and weight aside from implants. What exercise like push-ups can do however is strengthen the pectoral muscle which rests just below the breasts, although chest flies are considered a better exercise. By firming the the pectoral muscle your breasts will appear perkier which is most pronounced amongst the smallest chested women. It is suggested that if a woman were to do three sets of 12 reps of chest flies three times per week for three weeks they would begin to notice improvement in about three weeks.

Another common myth is that there is nothing you can do to prevent sagging breasts as you age. The truth is that while some people are predisposed to premature sagging, there are steps every woman can take to avoid this being a major issue early in life. The first step is to try to maintain a consistent weight as much as possible. Roller coaster weight changes not only have a negative impact on your breasts firmness, it is just a bad trend overall. Regular weight changes stress the breast ligaments causing them to stretch beyond their natural means which is why sagging occurs when weight is lost. A second step is to wear the right bra. if you participate in high impact activities wear a sports bra. For your normal day to day needs, wear a bra that really fits and provides support, not just one that looks good. The key to good bra support is making sure you have the right band fit as 90% of your support comes from the band rather than the straps. Just remember that a loose bra is an improperly fitting bra.

A very hot topic of late is that coffee makes women have smaller breasts. In perhaps 20 or so years when real studies have been conducted this may prove to be somewhat true, however right now there is zero definitive scientific evidence this is valid. The story of caffeine equaling smaller breasts was blown out of proportion by sensationalist journalism when a study found women that have a specific variant gene who drank three or more cups of caffeinated coffee each day had smaller breasts than women who didn’t. The key to decoding this is that it is only valid for women with that gene variation, and it is not known if caffeine caused the smaller bust size or not, just that it was noted during the study.

It is normal to have breasts which are two different sizes. The human body is not perfect and women that have slightly different sized breasts or breasts which are not asymmetrical are the norm, not the exception. This becomes more pronounced as women age, have children, nurse, go through weight changes, and a slew of events associated to the normal life span. It is very natural and not something to worry about. If however you notice a rapid change in the size of one breast it could be a sign of a tumor and you should immediately see your doctor.

Breasts do get bigger just before you get your period. This is something that older women accept quite readily from experience, but for younger girls this can be quite an odd concept, but it is perfectly normal. When your menstrual cycle begins progesterone becomes more prevalent and promotes water retention which swells the breasts and in some women causes hypersensitivity or pain associated to the swelling and collateral tenderness. Then estrogen increases as the body prepares itself for pregnancy and the milk ducts expand which can create further discomfort. To help alleviate some of this a woman can go on the pill, or they can cut down on caffeine, sugar, or high sodium foods which promote further water retention.

Not all women have sensitive nipples, although the common myth is that the nipples represent an erogenous zone for all women. While some women have reported in numerous studies over the the past 50 years going back to Kinsey that they could orgasm by having their nipples touched, they are by and far a rarity, and very lucky. Most women find mild arousal from their nipples being touched, and a fair portion find they experience no arousal at all. So far as anyone knows, there is no proved supplement, kit, or cream that makes nipples more sensitive permanently.

It is perfectly normal to have a few stray hairs around the nipple as well. For many women this is something they find disturbing and often feel as if they alone are dealing with it. The truth is nearly a quarter of all women have stray nipple hairs under the age of 25. As age increases so too do the incidence of this phenomena. it is not a sign of something being wrong with you, it is just one of natures cruel little jokes. The best way to remove these hairs is to take a hot shower and immediately tweeze them when the pores are open and the hair will slide out easier. it may not feel good, but vanity comes with a price. Don’t fall for buying products that promise to end it forever aside from electrolysis because most of the time the creams and sprays do nothing for you.

A big question many women have is whether or not all those bust enhancing products on the market really work. The answer for the most part is a resounding no! In some cases they mat deliver a short term effect, but overall the are a waste and can even be dangerous. Glamour magazine recently examined four common breast enhancement products and delivered the following evaluations of them.

Herbal Supplements: “Ineffective and possibly dangerous; invest in a good bra instead.” Most herbal supplements promise breast growth within 90 days via their natural formula kick starting breast tissue growth that never fully developed during adolescence. For the most part it is generally believed that these supplements generally work by promoting water retention and once stopped there goes any minimal growth realized.

The Nipple Erector Set: This does work and will give you perkier nipples, however it is not permanent, in fact the effect is very short lived. Consider for a moment that in order for the effects to be appreciated you would have to do this several times a day and watch your nipples slowly go from perky to normal over and over again. How many women are going to carry this thong around and “pump up” all day long?

AcuAids Acupuncture Breast Enlargement Kit: The pitch with this product is that the combination of acupuncture patches along with hypnosis will force you to focus your energy to “think” your breasts to a fuller size. When presented with this the polled experts simply laughed.

The Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System: This is the grandmother of all bigger breast schemes at a cost of $900. This is a battery powered bra that operates two suction cups which are supposed to tug the breast tissue until it grows and fills out. One doctor does say he has seen an increase, however he will not speak on any grounds but anonymity. Maybe this does or doesn’t work, but is it worth it? In order to work you need to wear this contraption 10 hours a day for ten weeks (that’s 700 hours gals) to maybe see an increase of one cup size. Not following the plan means there is no promise it will work, not that they issue a guarantee anyway.

So what does work to make the most of your breasts? A good diet and exercise are always keys factors as they allow you to maintain a consistent weight and maintain firm pectoral muscles which keep a firm perky look. Aside from that buy a good bra. A small chested woman should consider a good demi bra (half cup), average sized women a semi-demi bra, and for the bigger busted ladies a supportive balcony bra. If you want to give the appearance of more cleavage a hint of shimmering eyeshadow between you breast will do the trick and create the illusion of more depth. If all else fails, there is always padding or implants.

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